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Cookie Policiy

1. Purpose and Scope

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”), was prepared to inform the visitors of the “” website that belongs to İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş. (“İGA”) regarding to cookie usage.

2. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored by websites that you visited in network server or your device via browsers. Cookies are created by servers in connection with websited you visited.

Cookies can be classified according to using purposes, using duration and owners of them

3. Cookies we use on our website

On our website, only “Google Analitic” cookies are used. With these cookies, by storing statistical data, analytical results, such as moving web page, date of visiting website, detecting website that users visited, numbers of visitors of website, are provided. In this way, cookies ensure storing all statistical data and serves to improve presentation and using of website. Google, ensures we can understand the visitors better by adding data of relevant person and social statistics. Thus, we can find out common trend rather than how one individual uses the website. Analytical cookies are collecting information about your website usage and help improving website presentation and visit.

4. Methods of Collecting Cookies and Using Purposes

Cookies on our website, will collect your data automatically by your devices that you use to connect web browsers in case you give approval for using cookies. Cookies are used to serve qualified and easy using of website within purposes of making usage of our website easier, improving your user experience, increasing efficiency and performance, having knowledge of visiting website, making updates on website, imporving and customize website’s features according to visitor’s choices, ensuring legal and commercial security of visitors and company. Cookies can be deleted by users any time or cookie using can be blocked.

5. Blocking or Deleting of Cookie Using by Users

You can delete cookies on your computer and block recording/placing on your website browser or removing previous block to give perimission for collecting cookies. However, we state that if you prefer to block all cookies, our website’s easier and comfortable usage will be affected.

You can give permission or block collecting cookie via “Google Chrome>Settings>Site Settings>Cookies”

Or to block cookie using, you can use link below.

Google Analytics:

To delete cookies;

You can use “Google Chrome>Settings>Privacy>Clear Browsing Data>Cookies, media licences and site data>clear data”

In Apple Devices;

You can delete your browsing history via “Settings>Safari>Clear History And Website Data”

If you want to delete the cookies but keep browsing history, you can use “Settings>Safari>Website Data>Clear All Website Data”

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